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Service & Maintenance Information

This page is intended to give general information regarding maintenance, use or safety related issues regarding the Fault Wizard or Fault Wizard 2. For specific information regarding your Fault Wizard or Fault Wizard 2, use the response form to send us your serial number. We will reply with any pertinent information.
Topic- Maintenance Action required.
NOTICE, December 2011-Supplemental to NOTICE, May 2006
Fault Wizard's with serial numbers 749 and lower should have a simple case venting procedure done by the operators. Posted 7/31/06
Topic- Safety Notice

Operators of the Fault Wizard and Fault Wizard  2 should be fully trained in the handling of high voltage equipment and test gear. We remind all users to follow safe practices and at a minimum, we state it is mandatory to wear Class I or better high voltage gloves when connecting or operating the Fault Wizard or Fault Wizard 2. Full safety and operation information can be viewed in the operation manual. Posted 7/31/06

Topic- General- Fault Wizard  and Fault Wizard 2 Updates

Evolution of products and functions is critical in today's ever changing world. Occasionally, IUP updates the Fault Wizard 2's operating code to improve the function or user convenience.

IUP does offer a service to update your Fault Wizard and Fault Wizard 2 to the latest operating codes, replace batteries and other general updates. There is a charge for this service however if your Fault Wizard or Fault Wizard 2 is over 2 years old, its best practice to have it freshened. Contact the Factory's service group for return and cost information. Posted 7/31/06

Topic- Repairs

The Fault Wizard and Fault Wizard 2 do not need to be calibrated and there are no serviceable actions needed. If you suspect your Fault Wizard or Fault Wizard 2 are not performing correctly, we strongly suggest obtaining a test cable. Typically 100' or more, connect to the Fault Wizard or Fault Wizard 2 in a controlled environment. Use the test cable to work with cable VP and different functions and if questions remain, contact the factories service department. DO NOT RETURN PRODUCT TO IUP WITHOUT FACTORY AUTHORIZATION.
Posted 7/31/06

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